Welcome to the Faculty Development Program (FDP)

The Faculty Development Program at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio School of Dentistry will enhance the skills of dental school faculty members, dental residents, dental students and dental hygiene faculty and students. Training will be provided in teaching and curriculum planning, academic leadership, scholarship, evidence-based practice, practice-based networks, cultural competency and interprofessional education / patient care. The FDP will also provide information to those seeking a career transition as faculty into dental and dental hygiene programs.

Did you know?

  • Since 2000, more than 10% of dental school faculty members have left education for private dental practice or retirement.

  • Individuals under age 45 form the single largest demographic leaving dental education.

  • The average age of dental faculty in 1975 was 43, in 2001 it was 49.6 years.

  • Less than 1% of graduating seniors are considering a career in academic dentistry.

Goal and Objectives

The goal of the FDP is to address the needs and interests of dental faculty, residents, students and dental hygiene faculty and students who desire to:

develop the capacity to function as teachers, curriculum developers and managers of primary care dentistry educational programs,

function effectively as teachers and mentors for students and for other faculty members in dental schools, residency programs and primary dental care settings, and,

develop techniques to infuse primary dentistry and public health concepts throughout the overall learning experience of dental students, dental residents, dental hygiene students and other health care professions students

These objectives will be accomplished through the implementation of seven components created to provide a comprehensive educational continuum for current and future faculty in primary care dentistry.

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